Petromax Fire Bridge

Petromax Fire Bridge
Kategoriat: Tuotemerkit, Petromax
Brand: Petromax
219 EUR

Petromax Fire Bridge on laadukas ja monipuolinen nuotion päälle asetettava teline ruuan laittoon. Valmistettu pinnoitetusta teräksestä.Tason kanssa voidaan käyttää esim. Petromaxin valurautaisia kattiloita.Silmukkarakenteensa ansiosta teline on vakaa ja nopeasti koottavissa käyttöön.Kolmen kattilakoukun ja grillaustason korkeus säädettävissä.Mitat 123 x 60 x 110cm (pituus x leveys x korkeus)Koko pakattuna: 118 x 44 x 13cm (pituus x leveys x korkeus)Paino 15,8KgThe Petromax Fire Bridge is your versatile, stable outdoor kitchen with additional grilling function for a convivial camping experience. The extensively equipped cooking place made of coated steel makes your outdoor cooking adventure perfect: Suspended at three hooks, use cast-iron pots, kettles and cans to cook directly over the fire and on the variably adjustable grilling grate, you can roast meat, vegetables and Co. and also keep prepared dishes and beverages hot.Safe and flexible over the open fireThanks to its eyelet construction, the Fire Bridge is stable on four feet and ready-to-use in no time. The 45.3 in long crossbar allows you to erect your camping kitchen over one or more fire places. Your cookware is suspended at three hooks of different length to adjust the distance to the fire and thus regulate the cooking temperature of your dishes and beverages. The grilling grate has flexible, length-adjustable chain suspension. Its framing edge safely keeps grilled food as well as pans and Co. at its place. With this professional camping kitchen, even entire campfire menus with several courses for all your camping friends are no longer a challenge.Mobile outdoor cookingThe Fire Bridge should be erected on solid ground before starting the fire(s). After having cooled down, the steel frame is disassembled and packed for the next adventure in no time. Extend your Fire Bridge with the Petromax Trammel Hook kh7.Technical dataL x W x H (in cm): 123 x 60 x 110L x W x H w/ packaging (in cm): 118 x 44 x 13Weight (in g): 15800Weight with packaging (in g): 17300