GSI aterimet, yhteen pinottavat

GSI aterimet, yhteen pinottavat
Kategoriat: TuotemerkitGSI Outdoor
Brand: GSI Outdoor
6.9 EUR
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Muovinen lusikka, haarukka ja veitsi setti joka pakattavissa yhteen kompaktiin nippuun. Tehty kestävästä BPA vapaasta materiaalista. Pituus 15,24cm. Designed to integrate with its nFORM line of tough camp-kitchenware. The fork, knife, and spoon snap together for convenient packability, and come in bright colors for variety and easy identification when everyone’s gear gets tossed together on the camp table. Stacking design snaps together for convenience and space savings. Made of durable, BPA-Free resin. Color-coded to coordinate with other nFORM Crossover items for easy, personal identification. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS MAJOR DIMENSION: 6"WEIGHT: .7 oz.DIMENSIONS: 6.00’’ x 1.50’’ x 0.80’‘MATERIAL: CopolyesterPRODUCT USE: Gourmet Backpacking, Car Camping INCLUDES: Spoon, Fork, KnifeValmistajan tuotenumero: 72602