Nordisk pitkä titaanilusikka

Nordisk pitkä titaanilusikka
Kategoriat: Tuotemerkit, Nordisk
Brand: Nordisk
14.9 EUR

Erittäin kevyt, vain 16g, ja kestävä 22cm pitkä titaanilusikka. Pinnoitettu, ettei lipeä kädestä. Extra long titanium spoon for the gram hunter The XL titanium spoon lets you leave everything else behind, including the bowl. The 22cm handle lets you dig to the very bottom of your meal pack for every last vital morsel. Or, better yet, you will be prepared for any ice cream sundaes that come your way. The choice of titanium adds strength and sturdiness to the construction, yet it weighs close to nothing. The XL spoon has a small hole for a snap hook, and is equipped with a polished eating surface and a milled handle for a better grip with a discrete Nordisk logo.Weight: 16g